Debt Consolidation

What The Debt Ninja Wants You To Know About Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is the process of bundling multiple debts into one single account at the lowest possible interest rates. Some of the benefits of debt consolidation include:

  • Instead of paying several accounts every month, you only have one monthly payment to worry about.
  • Interest rates are significantly reduced through debt consolidation thus allowing you to get out of debt faster. When interest rates are low, majority of your payment is allocated to the principal instead of interest fees. As a result, your debt will diminish and your credit score will improve.
  • Debt consolidation does not negatively impact your credit report as debt settlement or bankruptcy do. The Debt Ninja can put you in touch with a credit counseling agency, or you can take out a loan to pay all of your other debts off. Then you simply make prompt monthly payments on the loan.
  • In an increasingly complex world, debt consolidation simplifies the process of paying off multiple debts by just making one payment a month for a few years, and credit score is untarnished.
  • In order to qualify for debt consolidation you must be current or less than 6 months behind with your monthly payments. Additionally, you are required to provide proof of income.

The Debt Ninja Explains The Process Of Debt Consolidation Programs

In order to qualify for debt consolidation, the debt has to be unsecured (i.e. there cannot be any collateral attached to this debt). This is usually in the form of a credit card, or in many cases, multiple store credit cards.

There are a few different ways to consolidate unsecured debts. If you have good credit, you can consolidate your debts on your own by taking a personal unsecured loan or do a balance transfer at a lower interest rate. If your credit score is not the best, you will need to go through credit counseling and consolidate your debts using a debt management program.

To qualify for debt consolidation, the debt cannot be more than six months delinquent. Any debt that is more than six months past due usually gets charged off and turned over to a collection agency. At this point, you either have to pay the debt in full or arrange a settlement in order to satisfy the debt. So nip this problem in the bud early, don’t wait until you’re already in over your head.

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